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Transformation Made Real Webinar

Tuesday January 25th, 11.00 am to 12.00 pm


Welcome by Emmet Ryan, Connected Editor


Fireside chat with Jason Ward, Vice-President and Managing Director, Dell Technologies Ireland and Patrick Thornhill, APEX Field Marketing Manager and Ben Jackman, APEX Cloud Sales Director, of Dell Technologies, including:

  • The realities and drivers of the multi-cloud trend
  • The related challenges that organizations are facing
  • The vision for an improved multi-cloud future, including:
  1. A unified approach for securely managing data across cloud environments
  2. Support for the deployment & management of modern applications anywhere
  3. Accelerating DevOps initiatives to speed the delivery of applications on any cloud environment


Roundtable discussion with Emmet, Jason, Ben and Patrick on the multi-cloud future of a post-pandemic world and how to prioritise and accelerate multi-cloud developments


Live Q&A


Concluding remarks by Emmet Ryan.


Event Ends

Emmet Ryan

Emmet Ryan

Editor, Connected

Jason Ward

Jason Ward

Vice President and Managing Director, Dell Technologies Ireland

Ben Jackman

Ben Jackman

APEX Cloud Sales Director, Dell Technologies

Patrick Thornhill

Patrick Thornhill

APEX Field Marketing Manager